Beverley & the Clench Mountain Boys

Beverley and the Clench Mountain Boys Photo: Crissi Blair

'Is that the old mountain you been singing about so much? My Clinch Mountain home?'
Jimmie Rodgers Visits the Carter Family (1931)

Well, no, Jimmie. This is Clench Mountain. It's in another place and another space from good ol' Clinch Mountain, the inspiration for country music and bluegrass pioneers the Carter Family and the Stanley Brothers ... but it's also only a step away. The music from Clench Mountain pays homage to the Carters and the Stanleys, but it also reaches out into many other areas of country music, from core traditional to "alt", and all given the unique Clench Mountain styling.

That styling comes from the unrivalled vocal talents of Beverley Young, the driving five-string banjo of Bryan Christianson, the multi-instrumental skills of Alan Young, all of it underpinned by the bass-playing of Garry Trotman. It's a real good band playing real good music ... and having a real good time doing it.